Part N° 190.243

Triumph TR2-3-3A-4-4A

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Triumph TR2-3-3A-4-4A
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Triumph TR2-3-3A-4-4A

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Triumph TR2-3-3A-4-4A

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Groups / pages

TR2-4A: 3 synchro gearbox - internal parts for TR2-3A TR2-4A: 4 synchro gearbox - internal parts for TR3B-4A TR2-4A: Air filters TR2-4A: Alloy wheels, alloy & stainless steel accessories TR2-4A: Alternators, starters, oil filters, coolers & hoses TR2-4A: Anti-roll bars TR2-4A: Auto Glym & body care products TR2-4A: Badges & badge bars TR2-4A: Battery, starters & dynamo TR2-4A: Body panels - rear & floors TR2-3A TR2-4A: Body panels & parts - front TR2-3A TR2-4A: Body panels & parts - front TR4-4A TR2-4A: Body panels & parts, central & rear TR4-4A TR2-4A: Bonnet, grill, badges & boot TR4-4A TR2-4A: Bonnet, grill, badges & fittings TR2-3A TR2-4A: Books TR2-4A: Boot lid, cockpit rail & fittings TR2-3A TR2-4A: Brake fluids, greases, protection & cleaning products TR2-4A: Brake hoses, pipes & fittings TR2-4A: Brake improvement parts TR2-4A: Brake system Girling TR2-4A: Brake system Lockheed for TR2-3 up to TS13045 TR2-4A: Bumpers & fittings TR4-4A TR2-4A: Car covers & wing protectors TR2-4A: Carburettor conversion and accessories SU TR2-4A: Carburettors & accessories Weber TR2-4A: Carburettors & repair kits SU TR2-4A: Carburettors & repair kits Zenith-Stromberg for TR4-4A TR2-4A: Carburettors parts Zenith 175CD for TR4-4A TR2-4A: Carburettors SU H4 for TR2 TR2-4A: Carburettors SU H6 for TR3-4 TR2-4A: Carburettors SU HS6 for TR4A TR2-4A: Carpet sets & underfelt TR2-4A TR2-4A: Chassis & body mountings TR2-3A TR2-4A: Chassis & body mountings TR4 TR2-4A: Chassis & body mountings TR4A TR2-4A: Clutch components TR2-3 to TS13045 TR2-4A: Clutch components TR3-4A TR2-4A: Competition & safety products TR2-4A: Competition parts & accessories TR2-4A: Cylinder head TR2-4A: Dashboards, glove box and air vents TR4-4A TR2-4A: Dashboards, instruments & switches TR2-3A TR2-4A: Door glass & window wind-up mechanism TR4-4A TR2-4A: Door, door lock & draught excluder TR4-4A TR2-4A: Doors, door locks & side screens TR2-3A TR2-4A: Drivers accessories TR2-4A: Engine & ignition improvements TR2-4A: Engine - External TR2-4A: Engine improvements, power tuning & competition TR2-4A: Exhaust systems TR2-4A: Exhausts, heat reduction, radiators & cooling fans TR2-4A: Finishing parts & interior accessories TR2-4A: Front flasher & side lamps TR2-4A: Front suspension - Part 1 TR2-4A: Front suspension - Part 2 TR2-4A: Fuel system improvements TR2-4A: Gear lever knobs & foot mats TR2-4A: Gearbox & external gearbox parts TR2-4A: Handbrake system TR2-4A: Hard top & surrey top conversion TR4-4A TR2-4A: Headlamps & fog lamps TR2-4A: Heater installation TR2-4A: Hood, tonneau & hood cover incl. fittings TR4A TR2-4A: Hood, tonneau & hood covers incl. fittings TR2-3A TR2-4A: Hood, tonneau cover & fittings TR4 TR2-4A: Ignition system TR2-4A: Instruments TR2-4A: Instruments & switches TR4-4A TR2-4A: Lamps & lamp protection TR2-4A: Luggage racks, mud flaps & wind deflector TR2-4A: Manifolds TR2-4A: Mirrors TR2-4A: Oil filter & oil pressure relief valve TR2-4A: Oils & greases Castrol & oil drip pan, grease gun TR2-4A: Oils & greases Penrite TR2-4A: Overdrive & overdrive controls TR2-4A: Pedals & accelerator control TR2-4A: Petrol system TR2-3A TR2-4A: Petrol system TR4-4A TR2-4A: Pistons & bearings / Engine - internal TR2-4A: Plates & stickers TR2-4A: Polyurethane suspension bushes & anti-roll bar kits TR2-4A: Practical accessories TR2-4A: Propeller shaft - wheels & tools TR2-4A: Radiator, hoses & water pumps TR2-4A: Rear axle Girling TR2-4A: Rear axle IRS for TR4A TR2-4A: Rear axle Lockheed TR2-4A: Rear lamps TR2-4A: Rear suspension TR2-4A: Screw kits TR2-4A: Seat cover kits, seat frames & filling material TR2-3A TR2-4A: Seat cover kits, seat frames & filling material TR4-4A TR2-4A: Steering rack conversion TR2-3A TR2-4A: Steering TR2-3A TR2-4A: Steering TR4-4A TR2-4A: Steering wheels & bosses Moto-Lita TR2-4A: Suspension improvements - Front TR2-4A: Suspension improvements - Rear TR2-4A: Tools TR2-4A: Trim panel kits & cockpit panels TR2-4A TR2-4A: Union Jack accessories, key fobs, patches, pins TR2-4A: Walnut verneer dashboards & dash support console TR2-4A: Waxoyl, rust removers, glues and protection products TR2-4A: Wheel fittings & accessories - center lock TR2-4A: Wheel trim & accessories TR2-4A: Wheels - center lock TR2-4A: Windscreen & bumper TR2-3A TR2-4A: Windscreen wiper & washer installation TR2-4A: Windscreen, sun visors & interior mirror TR4-4A TR2-4A: Wiring looms, fittings, horns, relay's & switches