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Mini: Accessories Mini: Air filter elements, air cleaner housing Mini: Antenna's, reading light and third stoplight Mini: Autoglym & body care products Mini: Automatic gearbox Mini: Badges Mini: Badges and emblems, MKI, II and III Mini: Badges, Patches, key fobs and Cooper accessories Mini: Battery, fuse & control boxes, starter & flasher relais Mini: Bonnet locks and strips Mini: Bonnet, boot lid and rear doors, all models Mini: Books Mini: Brake fluids, greases, glue etc. Mini: Brake hoses & pipes, dual system, Diagonal split and diagonal split with failure switch Mini: Brake hoses & pipes, single & front/rear dual system Mini: Brake parts Mini: Breathers & breather hoses, valve purge & canisters Mini: Bumper guard set & outer door/boot handles Mini: Bumpers, overrider kits & model cars Mini: Bumpers, wheel arch sets & number plates Mini: Car mats, door pockets and safety belts Mini: Car protection products Mini: Car safety & protection Mini: Carburettor fittings & accessories Mini: Carpet sets, boot boards and tool bags Mini: Carpet sets, boot floor mats, toolbag and jackbag Mini: Chrome, stainless steel finishers, strips & mouldings Mini: Clutch system 1984 on (verto type) Mini: Clutch system up to 1984 (diaphragm type) Mini: Complete carburettors, repair kits & parts Mini: Cooling system, radiator and hoses up to 1997 Mini: Cooling system, radiator and hoses, 1997 on Mini: Cooling system, water pump & fan Mini: Cylinder head 1275/1275A+ cc Mini: Cylinderhead 850/998/998A+/1098cc Mini: Dashboard components & switches, direction/wiper switch, speedo meter cable Mini: Differential and drive flange / pot joint Mini: Doors with sliding windows Mini: Doors with wind-up windows Mini: Drive shafts, flanges & coupling for disc brake cars Mini: Drive shafts, flanges & coupling for drum brake cars Mini: Drivers accessories Mini: Engine & power tuning Mini: Engine controls, heatshields Mini: Engine mountings and brackets Mini: Engine parts, timing wheels & covers etc. 1275/1275cc A+ Mini: Engine parts, timing wheels & covers etc. 850/998/1098cc Mini: Engine, most important parts Mini: Exhaust systems Mini: Exhaust systems, all carburettor models up to '92 Mini: External body panels, Clubman Estate, Van & Pick-Up Mini: External body panels, Saloon and Clubman Mini: Front brakes Mini: Front suspension Mini: Front, fog & spot lamps, stone guards and covers Mini: Fuel pumps, tanks, filler caps and cleaning products Mini: Fuel tank, pumps, pipes and hoses Mini: Gearbox and clutch parts & suspension conversion kit Mini: Grills & badges Mini: Grills - External front bonnet release type Mini: Grills - Internal bonnet release type Mini: Grills - Sixties style, MKI conversion Mini: Headlamps and side lamps Mini: Headlining, sunvisors, ash trays, mirrors and seat belts Mini: Heater, air hoses, cables & matrix Mini: Heater, water valve & water hoses Mini: Horns, relais, oil/water transmittors, small components Mini: Ignition systems, 25D, 45D, 59D and Ducellier up to '90 Mini: Ignition systems, 65DHT4 1990 on and electronic coil (MPI) 1997 on Mini: Innocenti body parts, carpet set, trim panels & seat cover sets Mini: Innocenti mechanical & electrical parts Mini: Instrument pipes, brackets and adaptors Mini: Instruments Mini: Interior kits and bucket seats Mini: Internal body panels, Clubman Estate, Van & Pick-Up Mini: Internal body panels, Saloon and Clubman Mini: Internal gearbox parts, Solid tail gearbox up to '73, Rod change gearbox '73 up to '79, 14 mm nose mainshaft Mini: Internal parts Rod change 1979 on, 18 mm nose mainshaft Mini: Lenses, bulbs, front lamps and brackets Mini: Manifolds and exhaust systems, all models with HIF38/44 carbs & all models with injection Mini: Master brake pumps and servo's Mini: Moto-Lita steering wheels Mini: Multi point injection system Mini: Oil filters & pumps Mini: Oils, greases, lead replacement & accessories Mini: Parts for converting modern Mini's to Sixties style Mini: Pistons, cranckshaft & bearings 850/998/998A+/1098cc Mini: Pistons, crankshaft & bearings 1275/1275A+ cc Mini: Practical accessories Mini: Quality chrome, alloy & polished stainless steel parts Mini: Quality Wood dashboards & accessories Mini: Racing accessories Mini: Radiators, oil coolers, fans & accessories Mini: Rally instruments, tripmasters and warning lights Mini: Rear and interior lamps Mini: Rear brakes and hand brakes Mini: Rear suspension, studs and wheel nuts Mini: Rockers & rocker covers 850/998/1098/1275cc Mini: Rod change gearbox 1973 on, external parts and selectors Mini: S.U. HS2 & HS4 carburettors Mini: Screw kits Mini: Side mirrors Mini: Single point injection system Mini: Single S.U. Carburettors Mini: Sixties style conversion: small parts & dash binnacle Mini: Solid tail change gearbox up to 1973, external parts and selectors Mini: Spot and fog lamps, front and rear Mini: Stabilizers and sump guards Mini: Starter motors, dynamo and alternators Mini: Steering and columns Mini: Subframes and fittings Mini: Suspension Mini: Tools Mini: Trim panels and seat cover kits 1969-1997 Mini: Trim panels and seat cover kits 1997-2000, Bucket seats, all years Mini: Union Jack accessories Mini: Weber carburettors and accessories Mini: Wheel accessories Mini: Wheel arches Mini: Wheels Mini: Windscreen front, rear and side, all models Mini: Windscreen wipers, motor and washer installation Mini: Wiring looms and small components